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Prominent Physician George Edmond Smith, M.D., Shows Readers How To Deal Openly and Honestly With Black Male Sexuality in "Walking Proud"

Opening with the premise that “sexuality is a powerful force that profoundly affects not only our daily lives, but the very definition of who we are as people,” Dr. George Edmond Smith goes on to say that it is his belief that, for African-American males, sexuality is “a common trait that defines who they are.” In WALKING PROUD: Black Men Living Beyond the Stereotypes, Dr. Smith openly and candidly addresses black male sexuality. The book, which includes a foreword from Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, Ed.D., M.A., Essence columnist, psychologist, mental health counselor, certified sex counselor and best selling author of The Best Kind of Loving,   has just been published in trade paperback by Dafina. Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing.


Book Review

Dr. George Edmond Smith, a highly respected physician, community educator, researcher and author, focuses on the attitudes and issues surrounding this complex issue-from misconceptions such as sex being the most important part of a relationship and stereotypes of “sexual giants” to self-esteem issues heightened by the reality of high unemployment rates, traditional family roles and the “inner rage” many black men carry.

In WALKING PROUD, Dr. Smith also shows black men and women how to move beyond society’s myths to create strong, satisfying relationships that last. He offers powerful advice and addresses important topics such as:

• how stereotypes sabotage relationships between black men and women-and ways to spot them,

• what anger and abuse mean in a sexual relationship and how to change hurtful behavior,

• how to master the basics of intimate communication,

• what to do about sexual problems,

• what black women want from black men and what black men need from black women,

• and how to provide sons with a positive role model and what it really means to be a proud black man.

While identifying and addressing issues regarding stereotypes, sexuality and cultural influences in WALKING PROUD, Dr. Smith is also reaching out to readers to provide them with the knowledge and the tools they need to build a happy home life, a loving relationship and a positive future.

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